Rolling Meadows II Homes Association

Welcome to Rolling Meadows II!

The Rolling Meadows II Homes Association is a newer homes association in the eastern Kansas City, MIssouri.  Rolling Meadows II includes 199 homes built around the area's established neighborhoods.  This website has been created to offer current and prospective homeowners information about the Association as well as a resource for contacting the HOA Board Members and management.

The homes association is responsible to maintaining commonly owned property within Rolling Meadows II.  This includes maintenance of perimeter grounds, landscaping, maintenance of the neighborhood entry monument and fountain, and caring for several stormwater detention basins located throughout the neighborhood.

In addition to property maintenance responsibilities, the homes association also strives to help develop a stronger sense of community in Rolling Meadows II.  This is done through sponsorship of neighborhood and community events throughout the year.

Community news and events, information about meetings, and links to association documents will be added and updated regularly.  At the bottom of each page you will find e-mail and telephone contact information, as well as the association's designated mailing address.

Annual Meeting December 16th
The homes association's annual membership meeting will be on Tuesday, December 16th, 7:00 pm at Norfleet Baptist Church, 5512 Norfleet Road.

The meeting will include a review of the association's activities and accomplishments over the past year and presentation of the 2015 Annual Budget.  There will also be an election for three seats on the association's Board of Directors.  You will also have an opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for how we can work together to improve our community.

Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend this important meeting.

2015 Homes Associaiton Dues

Homes Association dues for 2015 are $125 annually and payable by January 31st.   Please make checks payable to the Rolling Meadows II Homes Association and mail to PO Box 26145 Overland Park, KS  66225.  If you have any questions about your homes association dues, please contact Home Association Solutions at 913-825-0001.

Crime Prevention Tips
The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department has published a home security information guide to help you learn how to improve the security of your home. This brochure includes information about locks, lighting, landscaping, and other useful information and crime prevention tips.

And please, if you observe any suspicious or criminal activity in the neighborhood, please call 9-1-1.
C/O Home Association Solutions LLC                                              
PO Box 26145
Overland Park, KS  66225 66212
913-825-0003 (fax)

Community Manager:  Doug Luther
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